As a tall guy you are looking for trousers with extra length. Every time when you’re online browsing for joggers, you are forced to buy an XXL. Only hoping this time it will be long enough. After having received your order you discover what you already feared; the sweatpants are not only far too wide, but they are still way too short. Leaving you with high waters, again.

Unfortunately, our world isn’t designed for us tall men. Legroom in airplanes is too tight, hotel beds are too short and a lot of fashion brands still don’t have pants which cover your ankles. How’s the weather up there? Do you play basketball? Will it ever get better?

Yes it will! I share your frustrations. Because of my own height of 2.03 m (6’8″) I have tried a lot of different fashion brands, looking for the perfect pants for tall men… with no success. That’s why I launched my own clothing brand TALL TAILORS with a mission to provide tall guys like us warm ankles for once and for all.

Machiel Zijl – 2.03m / 6’8″

Top Quality Trousers

The most durable trousers are the ones that will be in your wardrobe for years because they simply won’t get ugly. Our tailored styles have a nice fit and good fabrics – so you can combine them endlessly for different occasions.

Best Customer Service

You can easily reach us by email or Whatsapp, or via social media. We happily use your questions, comments and tips to develop the perfect trousers for tall men. That way we make even more like-minded people happy, right? 😉

Permanent Collection

Finally found a pair of trousers that fit well, six months later they can’t be found! Has that happened to you too? We do things differently: you will always find our timeless classics – because we have an ongoing seasonless collection.

November 2019
Not so long ago

…I (Machiel) was lying on a hotel bed that was too small, as always. Another hotel that overlooks tall men. While I can’t solve that problem, I might be able to make a change in finding clothes that fit tall men. Outerwear and jeans are increasingly available in extra-length sizes, but jogging trousers or chinos? The Organic Fit was born.

February 2020
Getting started

With no experience in fashion and alongside a full-time job as a consultant in the construction and infrastructure sector, I devoted all my free time to The Organic Fit during lockdowns. From designing the ideal sweatpants for tall men, to building a website and finding the right sustainable supplier. How? Google was my friend. After months of work, the first order of joggers was placed at end of 2020

March 2021
3, 2, 1.. go!

In mid-March 2021, the first hundreds of sweatpants were delivered. Let’s go! Was everything as I imagined, did they actually fit better than all the alternatives I had tried over the years? Definitely! The first stocks were replenished and sales via the webshop started. We went live! The great success of the first colours meant that we were soon able to order new stock and new colours.

July 2022
Pushing through

Starting a new fashion brand is not the easiest path to take. For example, the jogger was not my first design at all: that was the chino. After making contact with a manufacturer in Spain in the summer of 2021, having several samples produced and even having had a company visit, the manufacturer decided in July 2022 that it did not see the point in producing longer trousers. With rock-solid confidence that this market does want to be served, I went in search of a new manufacturer.

February 2023

My expectations of a supplier were high. The highest quality fabric, sustainable production and good working conditions: I wouldn’t do it for less. So I kept searching for the right partner relentlessly. A supplier in Turkey turned out to be the right match: they wanted to take the chinos into production! The first delivery of chinos followed in February 2023 and The Organic Fit became a real brand for tall men who sought quality, sustainability and affordable luxury in all their trousers.

October 2023
Time for change

With the rapid growth of The Organic Fit, there was need for a next step. Besides there was a need to take on extra people we decided to change the brandname to TALL TAILORS with a corresponding identity. It was the right thing to do to accompany further growth and be ready for whatever the future holds… 




Timeless classics in lengthsizes 34, 36 and 38.


By using super soft organic cotton


All year round availability of your favorite pair of pants.



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