TALL TAILORS is a newly established Dutch brand by, and for, tall people. We are on our way to becoming an established go to fashion brand for both tall men and women with a wide collection of pants in tall sizes. The Classic Sweatpants is our first pants, and it is the ideal tall sweatpants for men.

Tall sizes only

Timeless classics in lengthsizes 34, 36 and 38.

Sustainable fabrics

By using super soft organic cotton.

Seasonless collection

All year round availability of your favorite pair of pants.

Your tall sweatpants shipped for free

When online browsing for tall sweatpants you are not able to try the sweatpants on. We believe that free shipping and free returns should be standard. Combined with accurate product information and good sizing advice, this ensures that you are assured of a good purchase, and we also keep our return rate low. Our tall sweatpants are produced with the smallest possible margin on the sizing, ensuring that each pair has nearly the same fit. Deviations may still occur, as it remains human work. Check our shipping and returns policy to see if we offer free shipping to your country!

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Ideal tall sweatpants for training

The pants from TALL TAILORS are made of organic cotton and are therefore very suitable for running or working out in the gym. The use of 100% cotton makes the joggers nice and breathable and additionally making them ideal for warmer days. Of course, the brushed soft inside is also great to wear during colder days, especially indoors.

Finally, tall sweatpants for men!

As a tall man, you have probably been looking for tall sweatpants for a while now. You may have seen something nice and ordered it, hoping for an XL size, only to find out that the sweatpants still gives you high waters. Or maybe you saw that one brand selling joggers in a “long-fit” size, leaving you still confused which size to order. At TALL TAILORS, we have tall sweatpants in sizes that you are used to with your jeans, simple as that. You immediately know what to expect and what size to order. If the sweatpants don’t meet your expectations, you can easily return it with the included return label.