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Finally, at TALL TAILORS, you can shop the classic chino pants in length size 36. No more high waters or too wide pants. We have tall mens trousers in length sizes 34, 36, and 38, and in various width sizes. TALL TAILORS was founded in 2020 to help tall people in their endless search for well-fitting pants, from joggers to chinos to shorts. We are here for you. In 2021, we started offering extra-long sweatpants for men and in 2023 we have expanded our collection with chino pants for men. Our ultimate goal is to offer many different tall mens trousers and come with a collection for tall women in the future as well.

Our all-time bestseller
Timeless Chino

The favorite trousers of other tall men around! Valued due to pure comfort and its classic look. A must have in your wardrobe.

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Pants for tall men made with organic cotton

Our trousers are designed for men with long legs. Chinos from other brands are often not suitable for tall men because they are too short or too wide. Our chinos provide a perfect fit, making them comfortable to wear and not too short or wide.

Our chinos are made with organic cotton, which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for men who are conscious of the impact of their clothing on the environment. Organic cotton is produced without the use of harmful chemicals, leading to a healthier soil, improved biodiversity, and cleaner groundwater. Furthermore, chinos made with organic cotton feel softer and more comfortable than chinos made with conventional cotton, as the cotton has not been exposed to chemicals. Chinos made with organic cotton are also more resistant to wear and deformation, making them last longer.

Stylish tall mens trousers with

At TALL TAILORS, you can shop your stylish chino pants as the perfect trousers for every occasion. The chino is the flexible and versatile alternative to a denim jeans or dress pants. Chinos can be worn both formal as casual. At TALL TAILORS we have kept the classic chino design and added a slim fit to it, making it a classy yet modern must have in your wardrobe as a tall guy. They are easy to combine with a wide range of tops, from T-shirts and sweaters to shirts and blazers.


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Your waist circumference 82-84 87-89 92-94 97-99 102-104
Choose waist size 30 32 34 36 38
Your leg length 88-92 93-97 98-102
Choose length size 34 36 38

We recommend you to choose the size which you are wearing for your everyday jeans. However, when you are not sure which size to choose, you can use this sizing table as an advise.

Waistsize: Your waist circumference measured at about the waistband of your boxershorts.
Lengthsize: Your inner leg length. Measured from your crotch, all the way to the floor, in a straight line.

When in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Product information Classic Sweatpants
Classic Sweatpants Inseam Waist Hip Upper leg Leg opening
W32 x L34 76 80 110 59 26
W32 x L36 81 80 110 59 26
W32 x L38 86 80 110 60 26
W34 x L34 75 85 112 61 27
W34 x L36 79 85 112 61 27
W34 x L38 84 85 112 62 27
W36 x L36 78 89,5 114 62 28
W36 x L38 83 89,5 114 63 28

Please note these are the dimensions of the actual product. We recommend you to not use these dimensions to determine which size you should order. Use the sizing-table at the top of this page in stead.

Product information Timeless Chinos
Timeless Chinos Inseam Waist Hip Upper leg Leg opening
W30 x L34 86,3 84 108 61 34
W30 x L36 91,4 84 108 61 34
W32 x L34 86,3 88 112 63,5 35
W32 x L36 91,4 88 112 63,5 35
W32 x L38 96,5 88 112 63,5 35
W34 x L36 91,4 92 116 66 36
W34 x L38 96,5 92 116 66 36
W36 x L36 91,4 96 120 68,5 37
W36 x L38 96,5 96 120 68,5 37
W38 x L38 96,5 100 124 71 38

Please note these are the dimensions of the actual product. We recommend you to not use these dimensions to determine which size you should order. Use the sizing-table at the top of this page in stead.