At TALL TAILORS, you will find long pants for men, with sizes up to length 38. No more hassle with pants that are too short or too wide around the hips. We offer a stylish chino with a classic design in a modern slim fit. In 2020, we started making pants for tall men because we understand the struggle they face when searching for the perfect long pants. In addition to our extra-long sweatpants for men, we now offer a chino with a classic design for you.


Timeless classics in lengthsizes 34, 36 and 38.


By using super soft organic cotton


All year round availability of your favorite pair of pants.

The new fashion brand with pants for tall men

TALL TAILORS was founded in 2020 when Machiel (6’8”) saw a need among tall men in the Netherlands for high-quality pants with a nice slim fit. Starting out with the Classic Sweatpants, the perfect long sweatpants for men, he has now expanded his collection with the Timeless Chino, a versatile pant suitable for both formal and casual occasions which can be combined in many different ways.

The long pants for men from TALL TAILORS always have a slim fit that accentuates your legs and gives you an overall slimmer and modern look. The chino is an elegant piece of clothing that adds a boost to your wardrobe, a real must-have.

Chinos in khaki and navy blue

The slim fit chino pants for men are perfect for those who like a tight, defined, and well-groomed look. It accentuates the legs and hips, making it the ideal choice for tall and slim men. Moreover, the is easy to combine with a formal blazer or jacket, making it an excellent choice for business appointments or formal occasions.

A slim fit chino is an elegant and stylish choice for tall men who are looking for a modern alternative to their jeans. From now on, tall men can also look neat and well-groomed in a chino length 36 from TALL TAILORS.



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Your chino shipped for free and easy to return

We designed our chino length 36 with the classic chino design as the starting point, and then gave it a modern twist by applying a slim fit and adding subtle modern elements. At TALL TAILORS, we believe that simple shipping and returning without extra costs should be the standard in addition to providing the best product information possible on our website. Since TALL TAILORS is still a young brand, we offer free worldwide shipping on orders above €175.

Classic chino with extra length and stretch

At TALL TAILORS, we consciously choose to use more sustainable fabrics in our clothing. We always choose organic cotton, the environmentally friendly and sustainable choice compared to conventional cotton. No harmful chemical pesticides or fertilizers are used in its production. The long pants for men have a perfect amount of stretch due to the application of a small amount of elastane. By not using super-stretch, the pants retain their robustness and stylish character and elegance. Combined with the fact that the chino is available in 4 different widths and 3 different lengths, this makes this pant an indispensable item in the wardrobe of every self-respecting tall man!