At TALL TAILORS, we provide this timeless classic for you as a tall man: the chino pants. Finally, as a tall man you can enjoy this versatile and stylish must-have piece of cothing in your wardrobe. The big and tall chinos are available in extra length sizes so that every tall man can find the perfect fit. Whether you combine it with a casual t-shirt on the weekend or wear it with a jacket to work, these pants are the ideal choice. Our Timeless Chino is designed with the classic chino design in mind combined with a modern slim fit. No weird prints, high visible stitching or contrasting colors and buttons. Our big and tall chinos are made from organic cotton supplemented with a bit of elastane, giving the pants a comfortable and relaxed stretch.


Timeless classics in lengthsizes 34, 36 and 38.


By using super soft organic cotton


All year round availability of your favorite pair of pants.

Chinos with a slim fit

The big and tall chinos from TALL TAILORS are a fashionable variant of the classic chino pants for men. This type of chino has a slimmer and more snug fit that provides a streamlined look. Ideal for men who want to create a tight and defined look. The chinos accentuate the legs and hips, making it perfect for men with a slim build. Moreover, this type of chino is easy to combine with different types of tops, from t-shirts to formal jackets and blazers. This makes it a suitable choice for both informal and formal occasions.

Chino pants for men are particularly popular for their stylish appearance and the ability to combine with formal clothing. For business appointments, for example, the pants can easily be combined with a blazer or jacket, making it a stylish alternative to traditional formal pants. In short, the khaki pants are an excellent choice for men looking for a modern, stylish, and formal pants that fits perfectly with their slim build and is easy to combine with various clothing items.

Stylish big and tall chinos for every occasion

The chino pants for men from TALL TAILORS are a perfect choice for men looking for a versatile pant with extra length sizes. The classic and modern style of these pants makes it possible to wear them to both formal and informal appointments. Combine them, for example, with a well-fitting t-shirt or polo for a casual look and add a pair of sneakers. If you have an important business meeting, you can combine the khaki pants for men with a shirt, jacket, and formal shoes for a neat and professional look. By choosing a chino instead of jeans for formal occasions, you look a bit more stylish. The versatility of the chino makes it a perfect addition to any wardrobe.



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If you are looking for khaki pants for men, you do not have to pay for shipping costs at TALL TAILORS. For orders to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg, we will cover the shipping costs. European shipping is free above €125 and worldwide shipping is free above €175. Check out our shipping and returns policy to get an indication of our delivery times.

We understand that it can be difficult to buy a piece of clothing without trying it on first. That is why we at TALL TAILORS are as accurate as possible with our product information and size advice. If, however, the khaki pants are not to your liking, you can easily return them to us. Please note that we currently only offer free returns for orders form the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

At TALL TAILORS, we attach great importance to good customer service and believe it is important that you as a customer are satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions about our products or the ordering and returning process, please feel free to contact us.

Big and tall chinos for every occasion

At TALL TAILORS, we offer chino pants for men in length sizes up to 38 for those with longer legs who are looking for a comfortable and fashionable clothing item. Our khaki pants for men are a versatile alternative to denim or formal dress pants and can be worn both casually and formally. We have taken the classic chino design as a base and added a slim fit, giving our chinos a modern look and a perfect fit for tall men.

Moreover, the chinos are easy to combine with different types of tops, from T-shirts and sweaters to shirts and blazers, making them suitable for various occasions and styles. Discover our stylish and classic khaki pants for men now and experience the fashionable and comfortable feeling that these pants provide.