TALL TAILORS is a clothing brand established in 2020 with the goal of providing every tall man with fitting pants. Nowadays, there are many clothing brands for tall people, but only a few offer perfectly fitting sweatpants for tall skinny guys. On the other hand, there are specific pants brands for men, but they don’t offer length sizes. In the long term, we aim to be the go to fashion brand for both tall men and women, with a broad collection of classic pants in a modern style. Our first pant, the Classic Sweatpants, is the ideal sweatpants for tall skinny guys who require well-fitting sweatpants and want to say goodbye to those high waters for once and for all.


Timeless classics in lengthsizes 34, 36 and 38.


By using super soft organic cotton


All year round availability of your favorite pair of pants.

Development of our sweatpants for tall skinny guys since 2019

We started developing our long sweatpants for men at the end of 2019. By selectively looking for a manufacturer that specializes in processing woven fabrics and using organic cotton (GOTS certified), we minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. After a long search, we found a manufacturer in Portugal, and since the end of 2020, we have been producing our sweatpants for tall skinny guys there. The sweatpants are soft and breathable, and after washing, the cotton fabric will recover itself, which means that any deformations from wearing will be washed out.



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Slim fit design

At TALL TAILORS, we choose a slim fit design and offer our sweatpants for tall skinny guys in a size range that you’re used to with your jeans. No size indications like XL, 205cm, or tall. Just the width and a length like you are used to with your jeans, plain and simple. With our sweatpants for tall skinny guys, you know exactly what to expect. Check out all of our sweatpants now.

Handmade sweatpants for tall skinny guys in Portugal

Our sweatpants for tall skinny guys are handmade in the north of Portugal, the well-known textile region in the country. By choosing Portugal, we ensure quality and can literally keep quality in our hands. Nowadays, many clothes are produced in Portugal, making it a logical choice in our search for a suitable manufacturer with the right knowledge and experience. Our manufacturer is located just an hour’s drive from the city of Porto. Since their founding in 1978, they have done a lot of international business, and every customer is equally important to them. Since 2020, they have been involved in the design and production of our sweatpants for tall skinny guys.