TALL TAILORS is a newly established Dutch brand by and for tall people. We are committed to becoming the go-to brand for both tall men and women with a wide collection of pants in various width and length sizes. Our Classic Sweatpants are the first pants developed and produced, and they are the ideal extra long sweatpants.

Tall sizes only

Timeless classics in lengthsizes 34, 36 and 38.

Sustainable fabrics

By using super soft organic cotton.

Seasonless collection

All year round availability of your favorite pair of pants.

The fashion brand for tall men

At TALL TAILORS, we offer a slim fit and offer our extra long sweatpants in sizes that you are used to from your jeans. This makes it easy for you to quickly determine the size you need. We cringe at sizing like XL, 205cm, or tall. You are still not 100% sure which one to choose! With us, it’s simple: just choose what you wear with your jeans, like 32×36 or 34×38. Our extra long sweatpants for men are the only choice. Check out all our joggers below.

Extra long sweatpants, sustainably produced

By using organic, GOTS certified cotton in our extra long sweatpants, we reduce our impact on the environment. We choose GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton, which guarantees that it’s grown under natural conditions and without the use of harmful chemicals and other substances.

The high water consumption required during cotton cultivation is obtained from natural irrigation of the cotton fields through usage of rainwater, rather than using fresh (drinking)water. By using organic cotton and a brushed interior of the pants, our extra long sweatpants for men feel incredibly soft. They are also ideal for casual wear!

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Free shipping and returns on your extra long sweatpants!

Providing the perfect fit on our extra long sweatpants is our top priority. Since you cannot try them on like in a regular clothing store, we strive to offer free shipping to as many countries as possible. Since we are a small and new fashion brand we are only able to provide free shipping to select countries or on orders above a certain total order amount. During production, the pants are produced with the smallest possible margin of error in sizing, ensuring that each pant in the same series has nearly the same fit. However, human error can occur, so if there are any issues, please forgive us and take advantage of the option to return your pants for free. No hassle.